DISCLAIMER: 80% of this information may or may not be spelled correctly, or even correct. We do however like to have fun and are 100% serious where and when it counts.


Vino (The Boss)

Somebody has to be in charge, and I’m the breed for the job. I like sunny days at the airport and riding in airplanes. Getting belly rubs, sleeping and eating are my favorite activities.

Mat Clark

Mat “They Call Me Splat” Clark

Owner, FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot, FAA Licensed Parachute Rigger, Licensed Tandem Instructor, IAD  Instructor, Videographer, B.A.S.E Jumper, Coach, U.S. Army Ranger Veteran, Farmer, Post Hole Digger, Fence Mender, Rental Property Consultant, Cat Herder, Car Detailer, Therapist, Shower Head Mechanic, Professional Landscaper, President of The Shawdow Hills Estate Antique Tractor Association, 5 Time World Amateur Champion of Putt-Putt Golf in the County Road Division.

About Me

I did my first successful jump in October of 1997 off of a roof. My first jump out of a airplane was in October of 2003 while stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia. During my five years and three months of service, I served with the 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. During that time, I completed seven combat deployments, four trips to Iraq and three to Afghanistan.

I started Civilian Skydiving in 2004 and since then have made well over 2,000 skydives including 98 B.A.S.E. Jumps off of nearly everything you can think of. After Skydiving all over the U.S., I became a licensed Tandem Instructor in 2007. I moved to Cañon City, Colorado during the summer of 2009. I assumed ownership of Skydive Colorado in November of 2013 and enjoy the sport and my dysfunctionally functional sky family.

Nate Morgan

Nate Morgan

Office Manager, Administrator, Public Relater, Video Editing Master, Ground Operations Manager, Phone Handler, United States Parachute Association Licensed Skydiver, FAA Licensed Parachute Rigger, Do-A-Little-Of-Everything-er, Tandem instructor.

About Me

There’s so much to tell but so little space to write so to summarize in one word…unicorn.

Tom Slavonik

 Private Pilots License (in an aircraft with an engine) at Marine Corps Air Station Quantico, in Virginia, FAA Commercial Certificate for both Single and Multi-Engine Airplanes, as well as Flight Instructor privileges, owned and operated a Cessna 182 for 16 years.

About Me

Flying is my passion, and absolutely my favorite thing in the world to do; in other words – “I love to fly.”  I have to blame my Dad for getting me addicted to flying.  Had he not thrown my 5 year old carcass in the back seat of his Aeronca Champ (many moons ago), I probably wouldn’t be this way today.  But as my old friend Popeye the Sailor says, “I am’s what I am’s.”  That said, I hung out with Dad and flew with him for just about every Sunday after that momentous first flight (after Church of course), right up until the time I was called upon to be one of Uncle Sam’s Miserable Children (United States Marine Corps).  While in the Corps I did my first solo flight (at age 18) in a Schweitzer 2-33 Glider over the hot sands of 29 Palms, CA. My Wife and I were able to see a great deal of our beautiful United States of American from the air.  These days I enjoy flying Jump Planes at Skydive Colorado and meeting all the great folks that come out to have fun and jump with us.  That said, I look forward to meeting you too.  I can promise you this, it’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had!



John “JK” Kelly

Licensed Tandem Instructor, IAD Instructor, Videographer, United States Parachute Association Safety and Training Advisor and Coach, Coach Examiner, Private Pilot, Catamaran Captain

About Me

I am the Teddy Bear of the group. I enjoy all forms of outdoor sports including Jousting, Dirt Biking, Kayaking, Inter-tube Floating and spending time at the gym. In my free time, I enjoy skydiving and have made over 2,000 skydives.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones

Wingsuit Pilot, Born and Raised Alaskan, Licensed Tandem Instructor, B.A.S.E Jumper, U.S. Army Infantry Veteran

About Me

When I was little I used to dress up as Batman, jump off of things and pretend I was flying. Now, years later I’m doing it for a living! Let’s love life!

Katie Rosendquist-Clark

Katie Rosenquist-Clark

Social Mediator, United States Parachute Association Licensed Skydiver and Coach, Student Pilot, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Graphic Designer, Expert Mastiff Trainer, Dirtbike Racer, Moral Supporter

About Me

I did my first tandem in 2003 and have been hooked to the skies ever since.

Johnny Eggenberg

Johnny “Blake” Eggenberg (currently on vacation)

Style Coach, Licensed Tandem Instructor, IAD Instructor, Extreme Pee-wee Skateboarder, B.A.S.E Jumper, Cañon City Resident

About Me

I….am….Cat-Man… and I’ll show you how to make anything look good.



Jess Neuger

Jess “Uncle Pickles” Neuger

Licensed Tandem Instructor, B.A.S.E. Jumper, Coach, FAA Licensed Private Pilot, A.A.R.P. Member, Proud Member of the United States Buick Drivers Association, Fremont County Historical Tour Guide, Thailand Traveler, Art Enthusiast

About Me

With my radiant glow and beaming smile, it’s hard to believe I am the old man of the group; however, I made my first skydive when most of these young whipper snappers were still in diapers. After making thousands of skydives all over the world, I have found Cañon City, Colorado to be my favorite place to take to the skies.

Amon Morris

Amon Morris (Traveling Abroad)

Licensed Tandem Instructor, IAD Instructor, U. S. Navy Veteran, Rock Climber, Scuba Diver, Adventure Enthusiast

About Me

In the Navy I was a diver, but now you can find me submerged in water because my raft won’t stop leaking.

Mark Watkins

Mark Watkins (OCONUS)

FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Hot Wing Expert, United States Parachute Association Licensed Skydiver, Extreme Kayaker-In-Training, Volleyball Champion, Rugby Aficionado, Mountain Bike Rider

About Me

I went into the Air Force Academy to become a pilot in 2006 where I was trained in acrobatics, formations, low level flying and single seat fighter/bombers. I was then assigned to fly reconnaissance for Air Force Special Operations. I joined the skydiving crew and it has been an irreplaceable experience with challenging flying, incredible adventures and people not easily forgotten.

Patrick Ford

Patrick Ford (Airport Manger)

Commercial Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Multi-engine Pilot, Commercial Twin Pilot, Airplane and Power-plant Mechanic, Naturalist

About Me

If I had to choose between Bingo and a squirrel, it would be the squirrel. I love table.